There are numerous services offered by locksmiths; among them is lock rekeying. If you are having problems with your locks, it may be hard to know what services to ask for. In most cases, full lock replacement is not necessary. Lock rekeying can also serve a similar purpose. Rekeying is the process where lock tumblers are changed with tumblers of different sizes.  Below are situations that may require lock rekeying.  

Too Many Keys

This may appear like a minor issue; however, too many keys on a key chain can present various complications. For instance, over time, you may forget which key works in which lock. Perhaps you may find that carrying too many keys is cumbersome and takes a lot of space in your pocket or purse. This problem can easily be solved by a locksmith. The professional can rekey the locks in your house so that you only need one key.

Many People Having the Same Keys

Many people issue copies of their keys to their kids, neighbors, workers and even friends. This may create a security concern, especially if some of those people can no longer be trusted. The door acts as the first line of defense, and your security cannot be compromised. In such a situation, you may opt to change the locks, or you can still have a locksmith rekey the locks. Once this is done, the old keys will not work. Rekeying is a cheaper and less complicated process.

Lost Keys

When keys are lost, you cannot be sure that they did not fall into the wrong hands. In such cases, it is best to exercise precaution by rekeying the locks. If the key that got lost was the one for the main entry door, you can simply have it rekeyed without changing the other locks. Keys have a tendency of getting lost often. It is more economical to rekey the locks instead of replacing them every time you lose your keys.

Moving To a New House

When you move to a new house, you cannot tell how many copies of the keys had been distributed. This creates a major security problem. You may choose to buy a new set of locksets or simply rekey the locks. Nowadays, most locks are made using quality materials, which include heavy gauge deadbolts. It is therefore more economical to rekey the locks as opposed to replacing them.  

For more information about rekeying your locks, contact a mobile locksmith in your area.