Most homeowners pay careful attention to front door security, but often forget to fortify their backdoors as robustly as their main entrances. This could prove to be a huge mistake, as burglars will identify every possible link for getting into the home. Work closely with your locksmith and follow these winning strategies for securing your backdoor from potential break-ins.

Replace Flimsy Doors With Solid Core Doors

Far too often, you'll find flimsy backdoors with lots of glass panes that are easy to break through. While they may be decorative to look at, the security of your family should always come first. If you've just moved into a new home with a flimsy backdoor, replace it immediately with a solid core door that's much harder to break through. Solid core doors are full pieces of wood that can withstand a great deal of punishment and beating down in comparison to any other door, making them good choices for protecting your home from would-be intruders.

Install Quality Deadbolt Locks

Burglars are smart enough to know that you've probably got your front door properly protected, so it's not enough to have deadlocks just on the front door. You'll also want to get your locksmith to install a quality deadbolt lock on your backdoor. A deadbolt lock is a strong form of protection because it cannot be opened without using a key to unlock the cylinder. This would make it significantly tougher for any burglar to break through. You can choose between different types of deadbolts –– single-cylinder, double-cylinder and keyless deadbolts, based on your preferences for your backdoor.

Beef Up Your Hinges and Strike Plates

A metal strike plate is usually fitted to a doorjamb and comes with holes for the door bolt. Once the door shuts, the bolt moves into the strike plate hole to keep the door closed. A hinge is a flexible or jointed device that enables the pivoting of a door, so that it can open and shut more easily. Flimsy strike plates and hinges can easily be broken down with swift kicks, so you'll want to replace them with more sturdy products that can withstand all types of force on them. You'll also want to ensure that your hinges are on the inside of your home to prevent burglars from tampering and loosening them from the doorframe. Your locksmith will be able to inspect the existing hinges and strike plates on your backdoor and will recommend any changes if necessary.