How safe is your safe? Whether it's for your home, your jewellery store, or any other purpose, safes are a bastion of defence against theft and burglary. For this reason, you have to evaluate critically the degree of physical protection that they offer. Have you heard of glass plate relockers? Relocking systems for safes are a category of mechanisms intended to increase the ability of a safe to identify, as well as respond to attempts of lock infiltration.

Here are some basics of how they operate and why glass plate relockers can enhance the security of your safes.

How Do They Operate?

Glass plate relocker systems involve the installation of tempered glass plates within the walls of your safe. This means that they are installed between the locking mechanism and the door. These plates are often randomly attached to spring-loaded bolts (one or more) within the safe. Normally broken glass means calling for emergency glass repair because it compromises your security, but when a burglar attempts to penetrate the layer of the glass plates, it shatters, locking the bolt springs into place--this broken glass makes your home safer.

The breaking glass electronically triggers different relocker pins often placed in strategic positions such as the hinges to prevent your safe from being opened. However, your safe may open if all the pins are dismantled individually, but this would not be within the time constraints of any burglar, especially when they don't know the exact location of each pin.

How Will You Install Them?

Finding a safe company within your locale with the necessary capabilities to install these glass relockers in your safe can be hard-pressing. This is because while most safe companies, especially local ones offer essential services like retrofitting, opening, and repairing of locks, they may not handle significant modifications, such as installing additional glass plates. For this reason, you need to do your research to find a trained safe technician who will be able to handle the job efficiently.

Why Do You Need Them?

Glass plate relockers can offer advanced security for your safe by preventing certain methods of cracking safes. First, they are ideal for cases of weak point drilling. This involves burglars drilling particular places of your safe and compromising its security. Glass plate relockers will take care of such. Another cracking method is scoping where a burglar drills a hole to monitor your safe's locking mechanism while toggling the lock. When doing this, however, the glass plate will break, making it unfeasible for your thieves to finish the job.