Your car is probably your second most precious investment after your home, so you'll naturally want to protect it in every way possible by getting a car locksmith to fortify it by installing electronic locks and car alarms. Apart from tightening the security around your car, you can undertake simple tricks to prevent it from being burgled.

Conceal Your Stereo Faceplate When Your Car Is Parked

Most burglars look for stereo faceplates as a sign that you have a detachable car stereo when attempting to rob your car. Stereo faceplates are popular with burglars because they are likely to fetch a few bucks on the black market when they sell them. Conceal your stereo faceplates in the glove box or take it with you to prevent burglars from breaking into your car.

Make Your Car Look Empty By Placing Valuable Belongings In The Boot

If it appears as if there is nothing in your car, a burglar is likely to pass on it because there may not be anything inside worth stealing. Keep in mind that burglars always go for the low-hanging fruit easily accessible or visible through the windows of your parked car. Burglars rarely attempt to pop open boots because they simply don't have enough time to complete the job without being noticed. If you have suitcases, sports equipment, electronics and other valuables, place them in the boot of our car and it's more likely to remain safe from potential burglary. Getting a car locksmith to install an alarm is also likely to deter burglars away if they know that it is equipped with one.

Park Under Street Lighting

If you usually park your car on the street, then always remember to park it under street lighting as much as possible. Parking your car in the shadows makes it much easier for burglars to break in without being noticed. If you are parked under a streetlight, your car is more exposed, so burglars are likely to stay away. Always look for well-lit areas when parking your car anywhere to prevent potential break-ins.

Use Motion Sensor Lighting Outside Your Home

If you are parking next to your home or just outside it, you may want to install motion sensors to scare away burglars. A motion sensor light is designed to pick up any movement around the area, so burglars will likely run away when it turns on near your car. Just remember to place it in a location that is inconspicuous and cannot easily be reached. 

Apart from getting the car locksmith to install alarm systems, these clever tricks will deter burglars from stealing things inside your car.