If you find yourself locked out of your home because you've misplaced your keys and not because the lock doesn't work, you don't want to try to force your way inside. This can be the wrong approach for a number of reasons. Here is why you would do better to call a locksmith and see what they can do to assist when you've been locked out.

1. Damaging your home

Trying to force your way into a home can mean damage the lock on the door; even if you think you can easily pick a lock on doorknob, note that you can damage the tumblers inside so that the lock needs replacing. Trying to pop the cylinder can mean a dent in the doorframe so that you may need to replace your entire door. Trying to force open a door wall lock such as to your back patio can mean snapping the lock bolt rather than pushing it out of place. To avoid all this damage, it's best to call a locksmith who can open the locks safely and easily.

2. Replacing locks

Even if you could get yourself into your home without a locksmith, it's best to have your locks replaced. Your keys could easily fall into the wrong hands even in a short span of time, and someone could make a copy very quickly. Consider too that if your keys have been missing for some time, a person may have already gotten into your home and may be planning on coming back! This too is a reason to consider replacing the locks to your home unless you absolutely trust the person who is holding your lost key.

3. Upgrade locks

It can also help your own security to upgrade the locks to your home, and a locksmith can help while there on the property. You might realize how easy it is to get into your home if and when you lose your keys, and may appreciate an added alarm system, automation that allows you to lock and unlock your home with an app on your smartphone, and the like. When you call a locksmith to let you into your home, discuss your options for upgraded locks and security with this person. They can note the type of locks you have currently as they're helping you back inside and then give you suggestions for how to keep your home safe if you should get locked out again.