Gun safes are an important part of your home's security. When you have a gun, security goes beyond knowing obtaining a license to use it in case an emergency. Keeping it safe from other people besides yourself is also part of using the gun responsibly.

If you own a gun, it is easy to attract intruders into your home, who may want to steal it and use it for illegal purposes. Thankfully, there are various types of safes you can use to secure the gun against unauthorised use or theft by burglars. Here are few types of gun safes you should know:

Portable biometric lock safes

The biometric lock safe allows for the most personalised security for your gun. In order to access the gun, the safe uses certain body features to ascertain that the right person has access to the gun. These body features may include the fingerprints, palms, and the eyeball. Therefore, the biometric lock safes are very difficult to compromise, which optimises the security of your gun. In addition, their portability allows you to store them in different locations in the house. Therefore, it is hard for someone to predict where the gun since you can keep changing the location of the safe.

Stack on gun safes

At times, the need to own a gun can be necessitated by other factors besides security. Some of your hobbies and outdoor activities may require that you own several guns. A good example of such activities is love for hunting game meat.

The stack on gun safes come with multiple rows or columns that enable you to store many guns of different sizes. Since the safe is large, you preferably keep it in a room that you use less often and cover it.

In wall gun safes

Unlike the other safes that can be moved from one place to another in the house, the in wall safes are fitted permanently within the walls. As much as they limit the convenience of the safe, they are relatively stable in terms of security since you can easily cover them without attracting much attention. For instance, the safe can be fitted inside your bedroom and covered by a small couch placed right in front of it. Moreover, the size of the safe can be varied so that you can store other valuables besides the gun, unlike the portable safes that are often limited in size. In most cases, electric and biometric locks are used to secure the in wall gun safes.

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