As a homeowner, you need to ensure your privacy by having a reliable door lock system. Different locksets come in different styles and finishes, but will all serve the same purpose and can be installed in a fairly simple manner. When replacing a worn out lock, ensure to select a lock that matches other door locks of your house. Check out this simple guide for your entrance door lock installation.

Choose the Type of Your Door Lock 

Your entrance door is very crucial and you might want to take some time on deciding the kind of locks to use. You have an option of the keyed lock system or deadbolt system. The deadbolt lock systems are better options as they offer a unique mechanism of locking that protects you from forceful and physical attack. Your choice should offer long term strength and security compared to your current lock when replacing.

Cut a Hole for Your Door Lock

Most door lock manufacturers will provide you with detailed template that will guide along the installation. Templates may be designed for doors of varied thicknesses with clear points that you may mark on your door using an awl. Using a hole saw, begin to drill the hole for your door lock on the door. Stop cutting when edge of the hole appears on opposite side of your door. Finishing the drill from opposite side is advisable to avoid splinters. Once you are done, you can now drill another hole at the edge of your door.

Mortising and Positioning Your Faceplate

The position of the faceplate is very important during this installation. You must ensure that it sits even with your entrance door. If this position is not achieved, you may risk having a lock system that does not work properly or fit right making you undo all your work for adjustments and modifications. To position, fit the bolt into the hole to trace your faceplate. Mortise the area around the faceplate using wood chisel to make it flush with your door. You may use smaller chisel for mortising rounder corners. Mortising should continue until the faceplate achieves desired fit.

Finish Your Installation

You can finish the installation by positioning the door lock and tightening it up with screws.

You do not need any special skills to execute this guide. Be an expert on your own and follow these steps for a successful DIY project.