A door handle is the jewelry that completes the look in every door. In fact, handles have a way of showing someone's personality, and they give your home a new look. Whether you are building a new house or looking to upgrade an old one, one of the simplest ways to do that is to have a new handle on your front door both for security and aesthetic purposes. With so many brands, types and models of door handles, how do you know which one to pick? Here is a simple guide;

Style of the Door

Just like real jewelry, a front door handle design has to go with the existing style to avoid standing out or looking out of place. Choosing handles is an exterior décor thing, so you have to consider the overall style or theme of the house and especially the door. In case the architectural style of the door is more traditional, be sure to avoid innovative angular or contemporary handles because they won't match. It's essential to have a picture of the front door when shopping for handles so you can match both of them and get help from the retailer.

Type of Handle

There are primarily two types of door handles; lever and knob. Doorknobs are very traditional, and they make bold statements especially if they have the decorative factor. However, levers are more practical today because they are easier to open even by children and people with disabilities. A lever handle makes it possible to close the door without actually locking it, so it's easy to get in and out.

Door Set up

Just like the handle should match the design of the door, it's also essential for it to match the weight and strength of the door. Extra thick doors require a door handle that is suited to fit those dimensions and also provides the adequate grip to pull the door open. You must also consider installation of the said handle to your door set up and how hard it would be. The best thing is to choose the handle that comes with the necessary kit and proper dimensions for the set door, so you can have it installed easily and fast.


If you have warm colors on your house and doors, it is best to go with brass and bronze. Cooler themes, on the other hand, are well complimented by steel, porcelain and chrome handles. The important thing when choosing front door handle designs is getting the right fit for your door, security purposes, and home décor.